17th July 2015

Tuesday, July 14th – Friday, July 17th 2015: Port Angeles and getting my Suzy Blue work fine again….

On the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles I met two charming Canadian Bikers and we spent the 90 minutes talking about Europe and where to drive and what to see around Port Angeles. They just took over to the States for 2-3 days driving on the Highway 101 for a little as well. It was a real that I had to get my Suzy Blue repaired otherwise it would have been the first chance to drive along with some other bikers, at least for one or two days.
In Port Angeles I drove to the Suzuki dealer right away. They checked my bike and it was the cable of the speedometer that was broken – as I had assumed. They ordered a new one and I also decided to change the chain as I just was struggling with the one I had (unfortunately a cheap one that was rusty and worn out in spite of oiling and tightening it every evening). We decided to put a more reliable one on. Sure a good decision and with the low prices - I really do not dare to tell how little I paid for: 1 new speedometer cable, 1 new chain, 1 back stroke and 1.5h of work !! - worth it anyway. The guys from Power Equipment in Port Angeles had been very friendly and helpful, just great!
I spent the days exploring the surroundings, being lazy at the pool and doing some washing again. This time also my motorcycle gear as it already looked like being driven through mud all the time.
The second morning I was invited to have breakfast with Terry and Vicki, a Canadian family from Calgary. He a passionate motorcyclist himself, having been on a motorcycle trip in Europe just some years ago and on that occasion even passing Switzerland. We had a nice chat and again I realised that such encounters – next to the impressing scenery I will see on my trip – make my trip that more interesting and unforgettable.