16th August 2015

Sunday, August 16 - Wednesday, August 19, 2015: Baja California... and all of a sudden part of a men's group

After having been “stuck” for a few days I wanted be bit busy for a change and had for Sunday quite a distance in mind: from Ensenada way down to Guerrero Negro, around 600km. What not seems to be an excessive distance normally, but at somewhere between 35 - 38 degrees Celsius and with always the hot wind (a "companion" I’m still not friend of) the day seems endless. Repeatedly interrupted by either drinking breaks,photo stops or military controls (although I never been stopped so far), I drove on hour for hour. And I'm finally even 1,2 times saw a few motorcyclists.  
Striking throughout the journey the many "farewell" for drivers (mostly truck drivers, I guess) who had lost their lives on that street. The Mexicans celebrate it somehow  -sometimes quite bizarre to see all these little "cottages" with cross, flowers and images of saints.
In the evening I was quite exhausted and did not go into the village but stayed right away in the hotel’s restaurant. And there they were again, the bikers who I had already seen. They had their dinner at the same restaurant as me. Of course we had a little chat (with hands, feet, Mexican, English) and they gave me the advise to take another ferry to the mainland as I had planned.
After the agreement with my room ”mates” that they would stay where they were (up on the ceiling), I had a good and deep sleep and got back on the road quite early to avoid the biggest heat. 
While I again made some photos the Mexican bikers passed by and convinced me to escape the hot weather for a moment and take a bath at a beautiful beach with a restaurant. Of course an inviting I could not resist. 
A funny men's round of 3 Harley and 2 Goldwing riders, somewhere between the ages of 40 and 60 years, on the way back from Sturgis and almost one month on the road as well. As I had more or less the same distance in front of me I joined the group for the next few days. Or correctly said: they invited me to do so. That was really a change to drive with others, not to eat alone, to be able to talk with somebody at the stops - well, frankly more listened as chatting because hardly any of them spoke English. But of course this situation brought the advantage that I had to improve my Spanish definitely.The five did really make a big effort with me and with the time we got along quite well.Apart from the language I also learned to know the typical Mexican dishes. As there are many things on the menu I do not know at all, I had let most of the time one of them choose for me - and got me "in danger" that I would have to eat what they ordered for me- as for until now I did not eat any fish or seafood! Everything except dishes with eggs. And so I eat now Enchilladas with Merlin, with cheese baked mussels, stews of which I do not know exactly what's inside (but nevertheless tastes great) and the Mexican’s favorites: tacos with all kinds of fillings, including fish and of course always Frijoles that tastes me surprisingly well and does not have any unpleasant side effects. The boys all seasoned their food still with lime and especially with tons of fresh chilies. They could hardly stop laughing about my reaction on the chilli. During the day we all had been serious, no beer or other alcoholic stuff (what was the name of the drink like an flower? I already forgot)... in the evening though, well that was something different...
Another advantage to be a “little group”? Such nice things as a charter boat tour in Cabo San Lucas, or to be able to persuade the road construction workers to let us pass the blocked road so that we could park our bikes right in front of the famous Hotel California in Todos Santos (the one from the song by The Eagles). I have to be honest, I had NO IDEA that this hotel in fact existed!? But it did quite impress me - and of course I had to try how it feels like to sit on a Harley (just the proper bike for that occasion) and listen simultaneously to "Hotel California" in a volume that would have filled a concert hall….. no further comment about it ....
On Wednesday we drove back to La Paz and took the ferry to finally “attack” the Mexican mainland. I'm going to stay together with the guys for a few days as they go on their way home to the inland. Along with the predicted thunderstorms and the temperature on the coast I took the chance to let me show more of this great country by locals. More of it "soon in this theatre"…..