17th September 2012

A confession - My travelling companion ...

I have a confession to make. For some time now I have been making the claim that I am travelling alone, but I feel that to continue with this lie would do my travelling companion a great disservice. His name is Donkey and he at 15 cm in length he is the smallest, cheeriest donkey that surely ever was.

Donkey was always destined for far greater things than the humble pencil case/cuddly toy solution that his original sales description. He was originally bought by my mother for one of those christmas shoeboxes for orphans in Romania, but perhaps fearing the chilly winters there, donkey managed to dodge that shipment and therefore was eventually passed along to me to give away to a child next time I traveled to a far flung land. And so when I came to clear out my flat and found donkey lying at the bottom of my wardrobe, staring up at me with his big beaming smile, I knew his time for adventuring had come.

Ever since we rolled off the boat at Calais, Donkey has been my faithful and unwaveringly cheerful fuzzy friend, smiling encouragingly at me from his perch inside my windscreen
whatever comes our way and never
forgetting the fun of an adventure! Admittedly he snores terribly, is obsessed with biscuits and is useless in a thunderstorm, but these things are small prices to pay for his otherwise relentless optimism and kind heart. His constant smile reminds me to offer the same to whoever I meet, which has led to many friendly and entertaining little chats with strangers that have brightened my day. Thank you Donkey!