Your Basket

22nd November 2014


Suzuki has completed the build of a brand new TL1000S at Motorcycle Live, assembling the iconic V-twin sportsbike out of new Genuine parts.

The bike, assembled over the course of the show, arrived at Birmingham’s NEC completely in parts. The only elements pre-built were wheels, with tyres fitted and wheel bearings fitted, as well as crank bearings. Everything else was built live on Suzuki’s stand.

Suzuki GB’s Tim Davies commented, “We really enjoyed building the TL at Motorcycle Live and it was great to see so many people interested in the project that they came and stopped to ask questions.

“As well as being something interesting to come and see at the show, we hope it also demonstrated our commitment to providing genuine Suzuki parts for older models, such as the TL1000 and other modern classics.”

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