Getting Started
16th November 2011

Confidence boost lesson

After messing up so spectacularly on both my mod 1 and mod 1 practice session I have to admit I was feeling a little downtrodden. From everything going so well to going incredibly wrong so quickly my confidence has certainly been knocked. I am still comfortable on the bike and know that I can ride it but when it comes to my test I am now more than a little terrified! I think the instructor who has been teaching me so far at Right Rider has began to notice this due to my lack of presence around Scotspeed. I have chosen to stay home when my other half goes in for a ‘look around for his next bike‘- which being male usually translates to him going in for a blather with the guys and girls behind the counter. He kept telling me to get myself in and get another lesson arranged which eventually I did…. So here it is.

This lesson was with a different instructor, Frank who did my CBT. I was running late following a visit with my grand dad when I lost track of time. I then had to run my son up to his granny’s house due to his school being off. Frank thankfully waited for me and I filled him in on my progress so far. Explaining what went wrong in during my mod 1 mess ups. After demonstrating my slow speed skills again at the usual place with no trouble what so ever- other than me shaking and wanting to burst in to tears at being asked to do this with my fellow learner watching me. The idea being that I need the added pressure as this is what seems to be my problem. Frank made it very clear that I was being watched which gave me the desired outcome of feeling very uncomfortable! However I still managed to complete everything I was asked without any issues on the road. In fact I think both Frank and the nice chap that was on his first ‘big bike’ lesson had been well briefed on telling me that I was doing well to try and boost my confidence a little. After a run around town where I was out in front for the majority of the lesson again to add on the pressure was a nice run out. Unfortunately Frank’s microphone was not cutting off so we had constant wind and bike noise in our ears. I was glad of the brake when we headed back in to Scotspeed after an hour or so. By this point I was half deaf in my right ear. The other learner was having some difficulty with a sore leg so he opted to leave the lesson at that for today but not before telling me that I was very good on a bike and apparently repeating similar sentiments to the instructor later.

Frank and I then went another run out around some local roads and housing schemes before calling it a day. The only problem I have is that I am now very cautious when approaching roundabouts and junctions which I never was before. I begin braking long before I need to on the approach to such obstacles but I am very aware of this when I am doing it.

Well I have another practice booked on the test site again in Carlisle only I have requested that I am the last person on the site just incase. Lets hope I don’t brake anything this time.