The project begins...

This GSX-R1100L has been stood outside since 2003. It was enveloped by wildlife, and even after being chopped free, it still has moss, cobwebs and twigs hanging on. However, it is to be given a new lease of life, with Suzuki’s Apprentice Centre set to restore it to its former glory.

The bike originally belonged to Howard Davies, brother of Suzuki GB’s Aftersales Coordinator, Tim Davies, before being sold to Tim’s friend Stuart Baker, who rode it on the road until 2003. However, since then, it has been left in the garden, as life moved on and other things got in the way, before Stuart sadly passed away last year from Marfan Syndromne.

More than 10 years on though, and the bike has been salvaged from Stuart’s back garden, and with the blessing of his wife Tracie, will form a new project for Suzuki and its Apprentice Centre in Doncaster.

“We’d actually be looking for a bike we could turn into a bit of a project for a while,” explains Tim. “As Aftersales Coordinator I’d had my eye on a couple, and had been looking at different ways we could do it. Obviously we’re all enthusiasts here, and not just about the newest and shiniest, we also like the restoration and project side of things and getting our hands dirty.