7th July 2015

Sunday, July 5th – Tuesday, July 7th 2015: Canadian Camping and other stories….

Already three days since my last blog. Three days of driving on through the huge landscape of Yukon and British Columbia. Cruising smoothly (yes, that’s even with my off-road used DRZ400) on the highway 37 towards Prince Rupert. Again I saw breathtaking, beautiful spots and now even some wild animals: 2 mooses, 2 buffalos, 1 white-tailed sea eagle, uncountable sand squirrels and red squirrels, and even 1 bear un-hasty crossing the street. So the days are just going by in an already "regular“ way. I get used to that way of living and feel really good with it.

The most funny thing about the last few days? The Canadian official camp grounds: mostly no water (and so of course no showers), no electricity, no WiFi/telephone-availability. But in every campsite a table and bench and a fireplace made out of a metal barrel with integrated grill! 

So I tried out my fire-making skills and hey, I got a really nice fire, lasting for some hours and feel so cosy (still in the middle of bear-homeland). The bigger problem was to buy some food for me. All the stores just have food in XXL-amounts. And because of the bears you should not leave any food overnight ( and I do not have a car to close it in) I made quite a funny mix of food: some baked potatoes, 1 pack of Salami, 1 cream cheese and 1 pack of tortillas (they are really great roasted on the grill). What sounds a bit weird turned out to be a tasty dinner: Tortilla Wraps 'a la Judy', going together with a nice and hot Earl Grey tea…. After that I slept like a baby and did not worry about any bears hanging around my tent!