9th August 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015: Baja California, Mexico - and the adventures starts faster than expected!

So this morning I say goodbye to Mollywhere I spent the last two nights as a "couch surfer- and by the way not on a couch but in a great private room with private bath.

Have now approximately 250 miles on the plan to go to MexicoIn sweltering heat already early in the morningsometimes quite violent - at least as hot - side-winds I ride full of tension towards MexicoQuite a torture but with the goal in mind I make it. Only my Garmin gave up after 1 hour or so - it has become obviously too hot.
After quite some 
drink breaks I get shortly after Yuma to the Mexican bordera short "queuing" and whooshI'm in San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico.

Ha? But wait, that is not going to work like that. No stamp in the passport, according to regulations the motorcycle also not logged out in the USA. Returning back was of course not possible. I parked the motorcycle as close as possible to the border crossing, take helmet and backpack with me and go on foot back to the border. With hands and feet, my little Spanish and some English but it works out fine. A very likeable young frontiersman informs me that if I want to be more like 7 days in Mexico a permit, both for me and for the bike, is needed. But that's no big deal as you can buy the permits anyway directly with themSure no problem - that's was I thought. My personal permit filled out, went to the payment where you also get the permit for the vehicle. And now here the not so funny part starts. The girl there also very friendly, but has to fight a bit at the beginning as she never had to edit a Swiss vehicle. The problem now, however: they found the serial number (VIN) from my bike not in the global vehicle registration system. We compare the registration card, manufacturers confirmation and USA grant. Everywhere the same number on it. Going to the bike and compare it to the plate. She makes even a photograph of it; useless. The system has just a number that matches besides of two numbers (33 instead of 88 as in my case). But that doesn't matter. They are not able to give me the permit as long as my complete number is not in the system. I am totally killed. In this heat, after about 3 hours for customs now this news. I go get my stamp on my passport and I can see that the young customs officer is feeling pity about the outcoming. Well, now I have 7 days to solve that problem. I do not want to imagine at the moment, what if I do not get that solved.

So I drive off towards the west coast of Baja California. Starting tomorrow I am booked into a small hostel. The plan was to improve my Spanish and plan the upcoming routes. But now: trying to solve my problem - what will not be easy - anyway not with the 9th hours time difference. It is already seven in the evening, I still have no idea where I'm going to sleep. But since I am driving on a major road, I'll find something. The area with houses although quite poor, the driving style of the Mexican does not allow any distraction. But quite soon I see just before Mexicali a motel that comes along just fine. I find it indeed a bit special that the receptionist does not show but quasi communicates through mirrored disk and open drawer with me, but what the heck. The room costs $ 20, even with a garage. I put the bike in the garage and only when I enter the room, I realize where I ended up. A great room with a huge bed, large bathroom, all in a romantic light, and a list of "toys" that you could buy to order. A "love" hotel. I can't hardly stop laughing. Order me - no, of course no "toys" - but for the amount of 10 $: 2 beers, 1 litre of water, a club sandwich and a small pizza. I really do not care at the moment who left, right or opposite of my room spends the night with doing whatever. I got a decent room and my Suzy is safely enclosed,

So I can gather energy for the Herculean task that awaits me tomorrow. So keep your fingers crossed!