23rd August 2015

Sunday 23 August – Saturday 29 August 2015: Mexico's mainland

Again traveling alone now I drove on Sunday quite directly to Cordoba, a really picturesque town, belonging to the area of ​​Puebla. Along the way a short visit to my first Indian ruins at Cacaxtla and on the way back finally been really stopped for the first time at a police check. But since my papers all are fine (now) I was able to continue without any problems. In Cordoba then got into a complete traffic chaos because Cordoba celebrated its 194th founding anniversary ;-) seems quite cool to me: no matter what year, it has to be celebrated ....

 The next day I smoothly looked around the city and equipped my bike with additional lamps after my Mexicans had assured that my normal lighting in the rain, respectively fog is barely visible. And since I will have to handle the coming weeks quite often with thunderstorms and in the mountains with fog, I wanted to take remedial action. Since no specific motorcycle shops were around, I just bought some garish bicycle reflectors (back) and huge LED flashlights (front). I am now actually really much better visible. Well, in our home police makes a huge fuss about any additional lights, while they should be glad if the motorcyclists are better seen (well….that’s a Swiss specific topic). Here all vehicles are equipped after everybody’s “gusto” with spotlights and other fancy things; the main thing: visible to the other traffic

On Tuesday the absolutely cool route (carratera 175) from Cordoba to Oaxaca. From 800m to 3000m and again down to 1500m on 150km curves without end. Just great, although it was a bit drizzling at the summit and was accordingly quite cool (distinguished expressed). Hardly down in the valley then the sultry heat, sweat flowing in streams or “Sauna of a different kind”. In Oaxaca I drove directly to the Suzuki dealer to organize the small service and the exchange of the rear tire. Although still a lot of profile on the sides, the mechanics had also the opinion that another tire definitely would be necessary for the rainy season and eventual muddy roads in Central America. I really was a little sour that after not even 5000km the tire had to be changed again - the next time I insist on "my" tire and won’t let me sold anything else. Thanks to the Navi I afterwards easily drove through the rush hour traffic and found the hostel just next to a large park. And here I came for the first time to enjoy, to be able to park my bike in the hallway of the entrance area. Quite a funny feeling to squeeze the bike directly into the hostels hallway - God, I'm glad I have a small motorcycle ;-)

 During my Suzy Blue got its makeover, I made a tourist tour: Monte Alban, a really big, awesome ruin site of the Zapotecs. Quite impressive what a cultivated, well-organized high-culture they already had 500v.Chr. We had a talkative, but very amusing indigenous Guide who feed us with incredibly exciting information about what the Zapotecs already had known and in everyday life had been applying (natural remedies, agriculture, irrigation, etc.). And his disapproval of the Europeans (considered history) and the present government was also coming out quite clear. I was once again the only non-Mexican in that group and so “was able” to practice my Spanish ... ..phhhuuuu .

After the ruins we visited two handcraft businesses: a wood carving with painting and a clay pottery. But both still run after the old principles and it was absolutely amazing to see the skills with which the crafts women and craftsmen with the simplest of tools manufactured the most incredible products. 

In the evening then I could pick up my Suzy Blue: freshly washed, little service done and with a great new rear tire. The way it should be again; now I just had to take care that my motorcycle dresses get a washing as well - at the moment I would not be included in any motorcycle catalogue.

To conclude this part of Mexico I drove the "175" down to the Pacific coast. What would once again been a great fun (up again to 2800m and down to sea level). “Would be” if I would not have been struck by one of these tropical storm halfway. For once not overtaking the slower cars but thankful behind them; like that I could always see in time how high the water flooding the street was and where the non-signaled "bumps" were hidden. Once more the motorcycle suit and the boots hold what they promised and the gloves at least had bravely fought long against the water. Not such a big thing as after the storm stopped the tropical heat was back within minutes. As soon as possible get out of the rain gear again to avoid melting away underneath.
Unlike most tourists I headed not to the famous surfing spot "Puerto Escondido" but to the small, sleepy nest Puerto Angel. A good choice with a wonderful hostel and after a nice cold shower a short walk down to the beach and having supper with the locals: tacos with different fillings - I think that is my favorite food by now :-)
In short, I really like Mexico so farits historythe landscapethe streetsbut above all the people. Until now only friendlyinterested Mexican men and women who always tried really hard to communicate with me. So below just some more pictures..... hasta entonces