Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Customer Services

  • How can I contact Suzuki Customer Services?
  • By phone, fax, letter or email
  • What is the phone number?
  • Customer services - 08085 011959
    Suzuki Assistance – 0800 917 0656
  • What is the fax number for Customer Services?
  • 0870 608 1305
  • What is the postal address?
  • Steinbeck Crescent
    Snelshall West
    Milton Keynes
    MK4 4AE
  • How do I get a brochure?
  • Please follow the ‘send me a brochure ’ link on this web site
  • What is the email address?
  • Please click here and follow the link
  • How should I let Suzuki know about a change in my personal details?
  • Please use the ‘contact us ’ section of this web site
  • What are the opening hours?
  • 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Where is my nearest Suzuki Dealer?
  • Please click here and follow the link
  • How can I get an owner's manual?
  • They are available to buy from any Authorised Suzuki Dealer, please click here and follow the link
  • How can I get a Certificate of Conformity?
  • Please use the ‘contact us ’ section of this web site


  • What are the Terms and Conditions of the new on road motorcycle warranty?
  • The ‘Terms and Conditions’ are issued with the motorcycle in the Service Booklet, the warranty provided is currently 2 years unlimited mileage
  • Is the manufacturer's warranty transferable to a new owner?
  • Yes, the product carries the warranty, not the owner
  • I have an imported motorcycle from the EU, what's the warranty period?
  • All European Union motorcycles carry the full 2 years
  • Will Suzuki honour my warranty if my motorcycle is serviced by a non Suzuki Dealer?
  • Yes, so long as any defects are not the result of any service related issues
  • If a non Suzuki Dealer services my motorcycle, do they have to use genuine Suzuki parts?
  • No

Dealer related questions

  • Do they offer collection and delivery?
  • Please check with your local Dealer.

Technical Assistance

  • Does my motorcycle have a factory fitted alarm?
  • No
  • My insurance company want to know if my motorcycle has a factory fitted immobiliser?
  • This may vary depending on which machine you have. Please contact your local Authorised Suzuki Dealer

Suzuki Assistance

  • What is the phone number?
  • 0800 917 0656
  • Does my motorcycle have free breakdown cover from new?
  • Yes, the period of cover is 1 year from new, unlimited mileage
  • Is my motorcycle covered in the event of an accident?
  • Yes
  • What are the other benefits of Suzuki Assistance?
  • Suzuki Assistance provides a comprehensive range of benefits, for a full listing please call Suzuki Assistance on 0800 917 0656

New motorcycle order enquiries

  • I have been waiting longer for delivery than the date my Dealership stated?
  • Please use the ‘contact us ’ section of this web site

Parts and Accessories

  • How do I find the cost of a part?
  • Please contact an authorised Suzuki Dealer, click here and follow the link
  • My Dealer tells me the part I need is on back order. What does this mean?
  • Occasionally parts will have to be sourced from various production plants and this can sometimes extend the delivery date. Please contact your local Suzuki Dealer who will be able to keep you informed of any progress and delivery times
  • How can I purchase Suzuki Accessories?
  • Please contact your local Dealer or visit our website

Recall information

  • How do I know if my motorcycle is affected by a safety recall?
  • Please use the ‘contact us ’ section of this web site

Suzuki Apprenticeship Programme

  • How can I find out more information regarding the Suzuki Apprenticeship Programme?
  • Please visit our website